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Un modèle de simulation pour coopérer au sein de la chaîne logistique des télécoms

Jaouher Mahmoudi , Jacques Lamothe , Caroline Thierry
CIFA 2006 -Conférence internationale francophone d'automatique, May 2006, Bordeaux, France. 6 p
Conference papers hal-01785238v1

Warehouse location problem with concave costs : heuristics and exact method

Lionel Dupont
4th CESA Multiconference on Computational Engineering in Systems Applications, Oct 2006, Beijing, China. p.1341-1346, ⟨10.1109/CESA.2006.4281845⟩
Conference papers hal-01759052v1

Analysis of electrical phenomena occurring in thermally assisted mechanical dewatering processes

Akrama Mahmoud , Maria Aurora Fernandez , Patricia Arlabosse
COMSOL users conference 2006, Nov 2006, Paris, France. p.139-144
Conference papers hal-01782608v1

Mise en évidence expérimentale de la ségrégation d'espèces par une bulle de cavitation

Romain Grossier , Olivier Louisnard , Yolanda Vargas Hernandez , Fabienne Espitalier
CFTL 2006 -Congrès Francophone de Techniques Laser, Sep 2006, Toulouse, France. p.423-430
Conference papers hal-01780079v1

A constraint based approach for aiding heat treatment operation design and distortion evaluation

Michel Aldanondo , Élise Vareilles , Khaled Hadj-Hamou , Paul Gaborit
IFIP Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations, Jun 2006, Athens, Greece. pp.254-261, ⟨10.1007/0-387-34224-9_30⟩
Conference papers hal-00453011v1

An innovative method for 3-D shape/displacement/strain and temperature measurement using a single sensor

Yann Rotrou , Thierry Sentenac , Laurent Robert , Jean-José Orteu
Photomecanics 2006, Jul 2006, Clermont-Ferrand, France. 35 p
Conference papers hal-01796827v1

The influence of pressure during solidification of high pressure die cast aluminium telecommunications components

Matthew Dargusch , Gilles Dour , N. Schauer , C. Dinnis , George M. Savage et al.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2006, 180 (1-3), p.37-43
Journal articles hal-01847810v1

Capillary pressure curves of sphere packings: correlation of experimental results and comparison with predictions from a network model of pore space

John A. Dodds , P Srivastava
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, 2006, 23 (1), pp.29-39. ⟨10.1002/ppsc.200501017⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01680768v1

Experimental conditions and environment effects on thermal fatigue damage accumulation and life of die-casting steel X38CrMoV5 (AISI H11)

Farid Medjedoub , Gilles Dour , Sabine Le Roux , Pascal Lamesle , Mehdi Salem et al.
TOOL 06 - 7th International tooling conference, May 2006, Turin, Italy. p.461-469
Conference papers hal-01685086v1

A wear model based on tribological transformations of surfaces

Olivier Barrau , Christine Boher , René Gras , Farhad Rezai-Aria
TOOL 06 -7th International tooling conference, May 2006, Torino, Italy. p.175-180
Conference papers hal-01796829v1

Applications of an ultrasonic high pressure roller press : effects of ultrasounds assistance on grinding process and products properties

Yolanda Vargas Hernandez , Alain Chamayou , R. Fuentes Salinas , L. Gaete Garreton , John A. Dodds et al.
11th European symposium on communition, Oct 2006, Budapest, Hungary. 5 p
Conference papers hal-01782605v1

Heavy metal removal from gas phase with hydroxylapatite sorbent

Cédric Verwilghen , Ange Nzihou , Patrick Sharrock , Gilles Flamant , Daniel Gauthier et al.
WCPT5 -5th World Congress on Particle Technology, Apr 2006, Orlando, United States. 8 p
Conference papers hal-01782609v1

Towards a framework for inegrating risk and business process management

Amadou Sienou , Achim Karduck , Hervé Pingaud
INCOM'2006 -12th IFAC, IFIP, IFORS, IEEE, IMS symposium on information control problems in manufacturing, May 2006, Saint-Etienne, France. p.647-652
Conference papers hal-01785243v1

Conception des systèmes industriels

Lionel Dupont
Journal articles hal-01847759v1

Application of the theory of Markov chains to model non-linear phenomena in comminution

Henri Berthiaux , Vadim E. Mizonov , Vladimir P. Zhukov
Fifth World Congress on Particle Technology WCPT5, Apr 2006, Orlando, United States. 6 p
Conference papers hal-01782611v1

On the identification of mechanical properties using structural tests and optical methods

Laurent Crouzeix , Hilario Hernandez Moreno , Jean Noël Perie , Bernard Douchin , Laurent Robert et al.
SEM Annual conference and exposition on experimental and applied mechanics, Jun 2006, Saint-Louis, United States. p.705-714
Conference papers hal-01788408v1

Identification and validation of a continuum damage model applied for lifetime prediction of H11 tool steel

Vincent Velay , Gérard Bernhart , Denis Delagnes
TOOL 06 -7th International tooling conference, May 2006, Torino, Italy. p.557-564
Conference papers hal-01788411v1

Diagnostic des processus de logistique commerciale : la problématique de l'intégration

Matthieu Lauras , Lionel Dupont
MOSIM'06 -6ème Conférence francophone de modélisation et simulation, Apr 2006, Rabat, Maroc. 10 p
Conference papers hal-01785236v1

Coupling extrusion and supercritical CO2 : a new process for a homogeneous inclusion of fragile molecules in polymer matrix

Clémence Nikitine , Martial Sauceau , Jacques Fages
WCPT5 -5th World congress on particle technology, Apr 2006, Orlando, United States. 6 p
Conference papers hal-01782607v1

Evolution of the mechanical properties of two precipitation hardening stainless steels after ageing at 400°C comparison between 15-5PH and 13-8PH

Emilie Herny , M. C. Lafont , Eric Andrieu , Philippe Lours , Philippe Lagain et al.
3rd Conference on uses of steel, Nov 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina. p.201-210
Conference papers hal-01796825v1

Fatigue-oxidation interaction models for life prediction of hot forming tools steels under transient thermomechanical loadings

Christophe Daffos , Pascal Lamesle , Farhad Rezai-Aria
TOOL 06 -7th International tooling conference, May 2006, Torino, Italy. p.471-478
Conference papers hal-01796824v1

Near infrared thermography with silicon FPA -Comparison to MWIR and LWIR thermography

Yann Rotrou , Thierry Sentenac , Yannick Le Maoult , Pierre Magnan , Jean Farre et al.
QIRT 2006 -8th conference on quantitative infrared thermography, Jun 2006, Padova, Italy. 10 p
Conference papers hal-01788410v1

Activated and desactivated sintering of hydroxyapatite adsorbent using metallic additives

Ange Nzihou , Benu Adhikari , Cédric Verwilghen , Roberto Santander , Robert Pfeffer et al.
WCPT5 -5th World Congress on Particle Technology, Apr 2006, Orlando, United States. 11 p
Conference papers hal-01782606v1

Comportement thermomécanique de deux bétons réfractaires jusqu'à 1200°C : caractérisations et liens avec les évolutions microstructurales

Thierry Cutard , Hicham Marzagui , E. Yeugo Fogaing , M. Huger , Christian Gault et al.
Matériaux 2006, Nov 2006, Dijon, France. 12 p
Conference papers hal-01798894v1

Radiation modeling of hot jets in atmosphere containing H2O-CO2-CO mixture and particles

Cyril Caliot , Mouna El-Hafi , Yannick Le Maoult , Gilles Flamant
Eurotherm seminar 78, Apr 2006, Poitiers, France. p.187-196
Conference papers hal-01781646v1

Influence des revenus sur la microstructure des aciers à outils pour mise en forme à chaud

Denis Delagnes , Pascal Lamesle , Pierre Michaud
Traitement Thermique, 2006, 370, p.41-47
Journal articles hal-01851433v1

Continuous mixing of pharmaceutical powder mixtures

Henri Berthiaux , Khadija Marikh , Cendrine Gatumel , Régis Gautier
WCPT5 -5th World Congress on Particle Technology, Apr 2006, Orlando, United States. 11 p
Conference papers hal-01782612v1

Mathematical modelling of temperature profile of volcanic soils affected by an external thermal impact

Monica Antilen , Olivier Fudym , Alvaro Vidal , Juan E. Foerster , Nelson Moraga et al.
Australian Journal of Soil Research, 2006, 44 (1), p.57-61
Journal articles hal-01845778v1

Monte Carlo estimation of domain-deformation sensitivities for radiative transfer applications

Maxime Roger , Stéphane Blanco , Mouna El-Hafi , Richard A Fournier
Eurotherm seminar 78, Apr 2006, Poitiers, France. p.73-82
Conference papers hal-01781649v1

Size effect in transient thermal fatigue testing and thermo-mechanical screening of coatings

Gilles Dour , Farid Medjedoub , Gabriel Diaconu , Denis Girardin , Abderrahim Michrafy et al.
TOOL 06 -7th International tooling conference, May 2006, Torino, Italy. p.555-562
Conference papers hal-01781645v1